Your Virtual Office Solution Without Extra Costs

The Vault Business Centre in Birmingham gives you all the benefits of a prime Birmingham business address in the heart of Birmingham without the exclusive expenditures.

You can mention our address as the registered address for your company with Companies House and safeguard your home address from customers, suppliers and other third parties.

We have a Virtual Office Collect plan, where we hold your post for you until you collect it. This costs £15.00+VAT per month or £150.00+VAT per year. We have a Virtual Office Forward plan where we take your post and forward it onto you in the post the same day we receive it. This costs £25.00+VAT per month or £250.00+VAT per year. We also have a Virtual Office Scan plan where we receive your post, open it for you, scan the content and send you an email with it in. This costs £35.00+VAT per month or £350.00+VAT per year. Unlike other providers, we do not charge per item. The quoted prices are all you will pay, no matter how much post you receive.

The The Vault Business Centre offers a variety of Private Office suites that are ideally suited for businesses of all sizes, ranging from 4 to 20+ employees. Private Offices are extremely competitively priced and are available on a short-term lease.
Features Collect Forward Scan International
Use as registered office address
Post Handling
Collection only
9.00am to 5.00pm (working days)

Post is sent by courier service every Friday.

Post is scanned and emailed

Post is scanned and emailed
Courier Service
Meeting Room facility
(advance booking required)

(advance booking required)

(advance booking required)

(advance booking required)
Email Notifications

Average set-up time taken is just 10-minutes, without setup fees

We will manage all your posts and email you when they are ready to be collected, or we will forward the posts directly to you.

Find Us @

123 High Street, Digbeth,
Birmingham, United Kingdom – B12 0JU

Tel: 07704 739628

9:00am – 5:00pm Mon – Fri